Your sponsorship of the 5th International Congress on Construction History in Chicago is the best way to connect with leaders influential in the construction industry. Not only will you have the opportunity to engage with professional and academic leaders from across the United States and abroad, but you will also improve your company’s brand recognition amongst hundreds of participants. To review all of the sponsorship opportunities, click here to view the Sponsor Prospectus.

Who will you meet?

Approximately 400 American and international delegates will attend the 5th International Congress on Construction History. Delegates will be professional and academic leaders in construction history, and will include architects, engineers, contractors, preservationists, historians and members of a wide variety of the trades, professions and interests associated with the industry. We anticipate that over 200 delegates will be from the United States.

Why should you support the 5th International Congress on Construction History?

By sponsoring the 5th ICCH, you will gain access to hundreds of delegates who are leaders in the field of construction history. Your company name and logo will be included on the 5ICCH website, in the conference program, and during conference events. Many sponsors will also receive complimentary or discounted registration to the conference. In addition, you will demonstrate your support of the Construction History Society of America, which is committed to researching and recording the history of construction in the widest sense. All of us who work in the American construction industry can take pride in its achievements, past and present, and the contributions it has made to civilization over the centuries. The Construction History Society of America’s mission is twofold: to ensure that past great deeds of the construction industry are not forgotten, and to instill a sense of pride in the industry of which we are part.

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For information about the sponsorship opportunities for the 5th ICCH, click here to view the Sponsor Prospectus.

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