5icchproceedingsWe are pleased to announce that the three volume set of the Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Construction History is available for purchase online through Lulu, an on-demand publishing company, or through Amazon.

The best pricing is available through Lulu: $49.50 per volume, or $148.50 for all three volumes of the proceedings.  Amazon will be selling the proceedings at $55.00 per volume.

Follow the links below to purchase each of the three volumes through Lulu:

Volume 1, ISBN 978-1-329-15030-0, authors Abrahamson to Dusi
Volume 2, ISBN 978-1-329-15031-7, authors Ellowitz to Morganti
Volume 3, ISBN 978-1-329-15035-5, authors Motamedmanesh to Zils